The site is handmade using the acme text editor. I write it up in plain HTML and style it in plain CSS. No javascript, no gimmicky frameworks.

The site is served by the lighttpd Web server, on Arch Linux.

The site does not serve any Web fonts. If you have the relevant fonts on your computer, the site will use them in the following order of preference: Linux Libertine (with Linux Biolinum as the sans font), Noto, DejaVu, Palatino. If need be, the style will fall back to whatever your default serif and sans fonts are.

The site’s source is available in fossil for your unbrowsing convenience.

Why Minimalism?

In terms of technical minimalism, I lose nothing by keeping things simple. In fact, it gives me much greater control over every aspect of the site; it’s easy for me to change the looks or the underlying function, because I don’t have to sift through reams of somebody else’s work. It’s also more maintainable in the long run, because later I won’t have to sift through reams of my past self’s work, the details of which I’ve now forgotten. I can bolt additional features on later (article tags, for instance) without worrying about what I’d break in the process.

If you were wondering more about the lack of fancy styles, I find simplicity more aesthetically pleasing than overdesigned sites.

In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away [....]