If you believe or know that licensing terms must be in all capital letters to be legally binding, this license requires that you upcase the rest of this document prior to reading it. Otherwise, please enjoy the increased legibility that comes with standard typography.


When I say “mark-up”, I (Ivy F. Foster) mean anything defined by the html and css standards; this does not include the content contained within the mark-up. When I say “writing”, I mean words that I wrote, which will often (but not always) be found in between “p” and “/p” HTML tags, and in any text files. When I say “code”, I mean the source code and whatnot that you can find in fossil and git repositories and sometimes (but not exclusively) between “pre” and “/pre” tags.


Refer to the relevant license file(s) in the repository in question.


I hereby grant you—yes, you, gentle reader—the right to use all mark-up—that is, the structural and stylistic design of this site, not the content of the site—as you please with no restrictions, except that you not attempt to restrict anyone else from using it.

Writing & Other Content

Unless specifically noted otherwise, all writing, images, videos, and other media on this site are my original creation. You can use bits of them for review purposes. Unless otherwise marked, you’re welcome to download and even distribute them, but you may not distribute modified versions of them unless you clearly mark them as modified and cite the original source. If you distribute original versions, please cite their original source url.

The images that form the Weird Book Covers collection are not my original creation, and are used for satirical and review purposes only. No copyright challenge is intended to their respective copyright holders.

If you consider this document to be a good license, you may adapt it for use in your own work.

Link Policy

Obviously, you may link to any part of this site, because hyperlinks are what make the Web the Web and to attempt to forbid them demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the medium.