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Shared Configuration

	This repository is for trivial things, such as program configurations
	and simple utility scripts. It exists mostly as an off-site back-up
	for these things, and also as a means of quickly sharing examples.

	If you find anything in here helpful, feel free to use it, noting the
	terms in the file LICENSE. I also request that you do not use anything
	in this repository as a substitute for learning to configure/write
	these things for yourself. This is not intended to be a one-stop
	shop for the Right Way To Set Up Your Computer; it's just a bunch
	of stuff that works for me, personally. I mention this only because
	of the increasing popularity of anti-DIY pre-configured set-ups,
	particularly for shells and editors.

Eccentric Directories

	Hidden files ("dotfiles") are a misfeature that grew out of a bug,
	as Rob Pike explained [1], and they needlessly clutter users'
	homedirs. Therefore, where possible, I have programs look for
	their configuration in fully visible files, usually in ~/local/cfg
	(XDG_CONFIG_HOME [2]). The directories under ~/local roughly mirror
	the layout of a standard Linux system, but with the following name changes.

		Configuration files live here. The name's a bit more obvious than "etc".

		Miscellaneous program data requiring little to no user interaction.